What kind of agencies offer support to SMEs?

There are a number of different agencies which support renewable energy businesses in Norway. The business
support system is largely funded and organized through public funding:
– Local offices (Municipality)
– Innovation Norway
– ENNOVA – Specialist instrument on RE innovations (National Agency)
– Norwegian Research Council

Several years ago, the Norwegian Government established Enova, a public agency. Enova has become the
Government’s most important instrument for reaching targeted goals of enegy efficiency and renewable
energy production.Enova administers a series of programmes and support schemes (in the form of investment
aid) covering various business areas. These include wind power, solar, Hydrogen, and energy efficiency in
industry and in buildings.Enova has specific goals, quantified in terra watt hours of energy.- and there is set
specific dates for these goals to be reached. Enova is provided with long-term financing. Since 2002, the
Government has supplied Enova with 1.5 billion Euros. Enova has an independent board of directors and an
independent administration. They decide on the best way to manage the available funds to achieve the set
goals. This leads to results!

The Ministry of Energy (OED )has evaluated Enova. It has been a good reminder of the long term character
of promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency. It has been a challenge for the agency to develop good
support-schemes, to recruit projects and after that to avoid cancellations. It takes time before the solar
system, or the wind mill, produces energy – sometimes as much as five years. This reminds us that promoting
the development towards a more environmentally friendly energy sector requires long term policies and a
predictable framework.

Is it clear to the SME where they should go for support?

Researchers – The Research Council of Norway’s programme on Commercialising R&D Results (FORNY2020)
promotes innovation based on research results. The programme facilitates the commercialisation of results
from projects conducted at publicly-funded research institutions and helps to bring the products and services
to the market.

The FORNY2020 programme is designed to trigger the value-creating potential of projects conducted at
publicly-funded research institutions. The programme provides funding to newly-established companies based
on these projects as well as to Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) affiliated with the research institutions.

The programme seeks to:
– promote the establishment of new companies based on research results
– generate growth in existing companies by providing funding to projects based on research results.
– enhance the professionalism and efficacy of the TTOs affiliated with universities, university colleges,
hospitals and independent research institutes in their respective fields.

Entrepreneurs – Innovation Norway create value by stimulating to profitable business development
throughout Norway. Our programmes and services are intended to create more successful entrepreneurs,
more enterprises with capacity for growth and more innovative business clusters. Innovation Norway
contributes to:                                                                                                                                                                                            • Enhancing innovation in Norwegian enterprises and industry
• Building competitive Norwegian enterprises at both domestic and international markets
• Promoting Norwegian enterprises
• Promoting Norway as an attractive tourist destination
• Securing development in rural areas
• Transforming ideas into successful business cases
• Promote interaction between enterprises, knowledge communities and R&D institutions

Is there one agency which is the first place for businesses to go?

The Environmental Portal – is an online tool which gives an overview of the variety of supports available to all
entrepreneurs and researchers in the renewable energy sector.

Are business supports restricted to certain types of business, or enhanced for certain types of SMEs (e.g. only available for manufacturing or for exporters)?

There is a particular focus on businesses with export potential.

Are there special supports for RE businesses?

The Research Council of Norway has granted funding of 8 new Centres for Environmental-friendly Energy


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